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® Bart Moeyaert


"From my passion for nature and animals grew a desire to bring back that what's gone forever. 

My taxidermy adventure started a few years ago by digging up old pets from my parent's backyard and putting the pieces back together. From there, I have evolved beyond skeletons, today mostly focussing on complete animals.

Being a graphical illustrator, I am driven by all things beautiful.

It is my mission to restore animals in their full glory. Respect always comes first, and the ultimate goal is to create beautiful, natural and timeless compositions."

Frauke Vandekerckhove is a self taught taxidermist based in Kortrijk. 


When you visit the store, be sure to take a peek into the workshop! Here you can see how animals are turned into beautiful taxidermy pieces, step by step. From skinning to to form making to the actual mounting of the animal and all the steps in-between. 
The gallery shows some of the key steps of stuffing a porcupine and an eagle owl.

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