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Do you offer pet taxidermy?

I offer pet taxidermy, but keep in mind that the result might be disappointing as a stuffed animal will never be as good as your living pet.


How do I take care of my taxidermy?

It is important that you never place your taxidermy in direct sunlight. This will result in faded colours. A regular dusting is also recommended, as well as spraying your taxidermy with an insecticide spray every three months.


Help! My taxidermy animal is losing hair/feathers!

This is a sign of a moth/beetle infestation. If possible, put the animal in the freezer for a few days. If this is impossible, put the animal in a plastic bag and spray thoroughly with insecticide spray.


Where do you get your animals for taxidermy?

All animals I work with have died a natural death (roadkill, window strikes, old age, disease…) and are sourced from breeders, sanctuaries and zoos.


What should I do when I have an animal to be stuffed?

If you find a dead animal you must put it in a plastic bag in the freezer as soon as possible to stop decay. To check if an animal is fresh enough to stuff, gently pull on the hair/feathers on the belly. If they fall out it means the animal is too far gone for me to work with. If the animal you want to have stuffed is indigenous, you have to fill in this form.
Contact me for request, quote or any questions about the form.

CAUTION! When touching dead animals, be sure to wear gloves and to wash your hands afterwards. Dead animals can carry parasites and diseases such as ticks, fleas, fox tapeworm, rabies...

How long can I keep a deceased animal in the freezer?

An animal can remain in top condition for at least a couple of months when it's kept in a freezer.

Animals that have been in the freezer for years are a bit more difficult because of freeze drying, but still possible in most cases.

TIP: the best way to keep an animal in good shape is to roll it up in newspapers or kitchen roll and put it in a zip-lock bag. You can then gently push all the air out of the bag and put it in the freezer.

When will my animal be ready to take home?

Keep in mind that taxidermy is a lengthy process and that there aren't a lot of taxidermists in Belgium so there will always be a substantial waiting time.  

I can deliver birds after 4 months minimum, mammals (pets specifically) after 7 months minimum.

Please refrain from calling/messaging me to ask if your animal is ready yet before this time has passed.

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